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This page is about the character Wrongway Feldman. You might be looking for the episode.

Wrongway Feldman
Wrongway in his second and final episode

Played By

Hans Conried


Wrongway Feldman
The Return of Wrongway Feldman


World War II Pilot


Wrongway Feldman is a fictional Gilligan's Island character. He was a World War I pilot, who had a reputation for going the wrong way, even bombing his own airfield, thus his nickname. He was played by actor Hans Conreid.

Personality ProfileEdit

He is the most incompent airman that ever was. Either that or he is awesome at pretending to be that incompetent!



  • In his first appearence he has a pilot's leather helmet, scarf and leather coat. Gilligan got his wings!
  • In his second appearence he cant stand the world and manages to fly back to the Island to stay; the castaways try have him fly back by making him work! Wrongway flies to another island!


  • Gilligan tells Wrongway that he missed World War II, who in turn reveals he wondered what the noise was. However, later episodes and the second movie reveals the island was once used as a landing strip during World War Two which makes one wonder how Wrongway eluded discovery during those years.
  • Once as a test pilot for Howell Industries, he set a record flight from Chicago to New Orleans - he was suppose to fly from Chicago to Minneapolis!
  • In an around the world flight, he landed on the Island and finally completed his trip thirty-three and a half years later!
  • Among his provisions was 64 bottles of scotch!
  • Unlike most later visitors to the Island, Wrongway actually alerts the world of being on a Island with the castaways; unfortunately his directions are so mixed up that the Island is located anywhere from the Bay of Naples to the Arctic Circle!
  • His World War I wingman was just as incompent as Wrongway and shot down three British planes, shot up his own plane, and bombed an Irish pub three years after World War I was over!
  • The second time he comes back to the island, he upsets both Mr Howell (his New York rents are the lowest during a money making bonanza) and Ginger (Her roommate is a Broadway star!).

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