Washington D.C. in X Marks The Spot


Washington D.C. is the national capital of the United States of America and the home of the nation's administrative and military offices. It was founded in 1791 with boundaries taken from parcels of land from Maryland and Virginia, including the pre-existing settlements of Georgetown and Alexandria with the land originally ceded from Virginia returned to the state in 1871. Mary Ann considers the city important enough to use as a starting point in locating their island, but Mr. Howell is quick to challenge that fact, adding that as a Republican, none of his friends live there.

Actually more of a Federal district than a city, the location is well known for numerous historical landmarks, including the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Monument, the Smithsonian and the Pentagon, the center administrative structure for the U.S. Military. Both Operation: Powder Keg and Operation: Orchid were planned here as well as government contracts for the XR-1000 robot and the Experimental Jet Pack, projects whose histories invariably crossed destinies with the castaways.


  • The Professor mentions the Smithsonian in Goodbye Island after Gilligan seems to discover a tree sap that acts like glue, thinking it will be famous after getting them rescued. However, the tree sap fails and they aren't rescued.


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