Voodoo dolls

Voodoo Dolls


The Voodoo Dolls were a set of seven figures carved from wood and natural resources to resemble garish caricatures of the Castaways. Using personal items stolen from them, the Witch Doctor was able to inflict hexes and spells on them using some form of Caribbean Voodoo, particularly on Gilligan and the Professor, who was placed in an immobile trance.
In order perform his "spells," the Witch Doctor takes Gilligan's rabbit foot, the Skipper's hair, Mr. Howell's wallet, Mrs. Howell's lipstick, scarves from Ginger and Mary Ann and the Professor's pocket knife. However, when Gilligan stumbles upon them in the cave and takes them, he is able to break the spell on the Professor and reverse the spell on the Witch Doctor with a hex of his own.


  • Voodoo is a Caribbean religion linked to the gods of Ancient Africa; it's not practiced in the South Pacific.
  • The Skipper seems to confuse the Professor's trance with the zombie, an animated corpse from Haitian folklore.


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