The Lookout Tower is a two-story roughly twenty foot tall structure near the lagoon (or thereabouts) which is used to keep an eye out for passing ships. Constructed of bamboo and laced together with vine, its construction is first suggested by Gilligan during the brief period he seemed to serve as the "de facto" leader of the castaways, but it is first seen completed during the US Navy maneuvers in Forget Me Not. Mr. Howell stands on it practicing semaphore. Eventually, the Professor has a plan to attract ships using luminescent dye on a specially-designed raft, but Gilligan accidentally eats the dye and glows for a while as a result. He gets stuck on the lookout tower to try and flag down a ship until the dye wears off. Afterward, the tower isn't seen again except perhaps in It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Gilligan. The Castaways may be standing on it as they monitor Gilligan overhead in the flight pack, but this isn't obvious.


  • According to Forget Me Not, the tower is located in the lagoon, but despite a few episodes, it's never seen again. (Possibly it was leveled by a later storm.)
  • In Forget Me Not, the Skipper and Gilligan refer to the platform as a "Signal Platform" and discuss setting a fire on it to signal the Navy. In practice however, they use it to look for passing ships.
  • The tower was possibly destroyed by the storm preceding Sorry, You've Been Disconnected. Wreckage in the lagoon may be from parts of it.


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