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Isl s1&2
The Island as it appeared in the openings of Season 1(top) and Season 2(bottom).
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Gilligan's Island is a typical South Pacific tropical Island, with beaches, mountains, jungles, and a lagoon. It was where the seven passengers aboard the S.S. Minnow were marooned. It was also the target of a USAF experimental missile. The neighboring islands are inhabited by natives that practice Voodoo (a Caribbean religion from Africa) and collect the heads of rival tribes. There are a few friendly tribes often visited by sailors who explore the island. Gilligan saves a female native from one tribe while a local chieftain appears on the island in search of a White Goddess.
Isl-map Epi-FwdMrch
Map of the island from Forward March.
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Gilligan's island is said to be "a tiny island somewhere in the South Pacifiic". Though, throughout the series such features as quick-sand, an active volcano, staggering mountains, and not to mention extensive jungles added to it all. It's unexplained how all these landmarks fit on such a small island.
Isl typh map
The Professor makes a map to track a typhoon due to hit the island. (Hi-Fi Gilligan)
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The island's position is also uncertain. For example, in the episode X Marks the Spot the island's position is said to be about 140 longitude by 10 latitude. However in the episode Big Man on a Little Stick the Skipper tells surfer Duke Williams that there position is approximately 110 longitude by 10 latitude. In the Jet Pack epsiode the location where the US Navy Sees Gilligan flying over the Island  is 250 miles south of Hawaii. Different real-life islands are also portrayed as being the island in the first season's theme song and that of the second season, as well as in different shots in different episodes. The photo at upper left from "Epsiode Forward March" and the Lord Beasley epsiode show apprimate map of the Island-although in the US Astronauts episodes shows a different map of the Island from space! Apparently there is one small lagoon; a continuity error for the 2nd and 3rd episodes teasers shows the wreck of the SS Minnow at the small lagoon although the opening teasers of the 1st season epsiode show that SS Minnow wrecked on a wide beach!
Isl epi8
Another view of the island from the second episode, Home Sweet Hut.
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  • Two separate islands were used in the opening credits of the series. One was Sandy Cay, a three-acre island near the Bahamas in the Caribbean. It is one of the many destinations featured on Disney Cruise Lines, most likely being Castaway Cay, but it is unknown which of the islands that were filmed. The other island used during the color episodes was Mokuoloe ("Coconut Island") near Oahu which covers 28 acres in size.
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