The Gnats are a defunct would-be pop group comprised of Gilligan on drums and the Skipper, Professor and Mr. Howell on fake guitars. For the group, they wore garish attire other than their regular clothes. Gilligan wore a black sweater with tight white pants and a silver vest with glasses and a brown fright wig. The Skipper wore a striped shirt, dark pants and a derby on an orange wig. The Professor wore a striped shirt and white pants with a brown wig and fur vest. Mr. Howell wore a zebra vest over a red shirt, blue pants and a blonde wig. Their plan was to create a band that could go on tour with the Mosquitoes and get off the island, but the result is so bad that the Mosquitos rush back into the jungle. Ginger says they sounded so bad that they "wouldn't get booked on Devil's Island."



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