"The Ego Trip"
Season 1, Episode 8
The New Adventures Of Gilligan
Mr. Howell's ego goes out of control.
Basic Info
Air Date: October 26, 1974
Written By: Bill Danch, Marc Richards and Jim Ryan
Directed By: Don Towsley, Rudy Larriva, Lou Zukor and Bill Reed
Guest Cast: None
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The Ego Trip is the 8th episode of The New Adventures of Gilligan. It was the eighth episode of the First Season and aired October 26, 1974.


Gilligan discovers an abandoned plane on the island, and Mr. Howell brags about being the world's best pilot. Instructed by the Professor to teach Gilligan how to fly, Mr. Howell attempts this task, and when he fails to teach Gilligan, whom he has dubbed the "Brown Baron," the basics of flight, the Professor makes him take the plane off the ground himself. Unfortunately, Mr. Howell proves to be an even worse pilot than Gilligan, and he crashes the plane in the water, depriving the Castaways of a way to get off the island. Having learned his lesson the hard way, Mr. Howell promises to keep his ego under control from now on.


  • An ego is something one must keep under control


  • Coming up


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • None


  • The episode is alternately titled "Kon-Tackly."


  • Coming up

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