"The Book" contains the laws Deputy Sheriff Gilligan must enforce.


The Criminal Law is a criminal law text book containing municipal and criminal codes. It's not known how it turns up on the island, but it maybe just one of several books left on the S.S. Minnow. After Gilligan witnesses a staged murder, the Skipper and Professor see a need for a way to police the island. The Skipper becomes "sheriff," and Gilligan becomes deputy, but in his absence, Gilligan takes the laws of the book too seriously and ends up locking everyone in "jail," a cave with bamboo bars (possibly left over from Forget Me Not and The Hunter), including the Skipper who manhandles Gilligan to get the key back. Eventually, everyone gets out on "good behavior," but not until the Skipper gives Gilligan a taste of his own medicine. The list of "crimes" by the Castaways:

Sections/Codes of The Criminal LawEdit

  • Article 4: Theft (borrowing the Skipper's binoculars) - Mr. Howell
  • Article 7: Trying to bribe an officer of the law - Mr. Howell
  • Section 33: Fire to close to a hut - Ginger and Mary Ann
  • (Unknown Section): Carrying a concealed weapon (a stick of dynamite) - Professor
  • (Unknown Section): Police brutality - Skipper
  • (Unknown Section): Attempt to escape - Mrs. Howell
  • Section 7, Paragraph 14: Causing a rescue to be fouled up - Gilligan


  • It's not quite clear why the Minnow would have a bound copy of municipal and criminal codes on-board. Speculation is that it could have been left on the Minnow by another passenger during another three-hour tour.
  • The Professor reveals in this episode he knows how to "make" dynamite. While it is plausible the Professor would understand the compounds and processes necessary to create dynamite, it is unlikely he could source all the materials from a tropical island or handle the highly corrosive compounds properly with only coconuts, gourds and bamboo as containers.


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