Castaways Presents 10.1


South Sea Film Productions was a Silent Film Company from around the 1920s and 1930s possibly located in either Honolulu or Los Angeles. It was owned by director Ricardo Laughingwell, a movie director who sailed away on a honeymoon cruise with his wife, Fifi LeFrance to film a movie, something Mr. Howell refers to as a clever tax dodge. They supposedly became lost at sea, their yacht sinking or drifting into the lagoon at the island. Fifi and her husband's fate is unrecorded, but several years later, the remains of their yacht are discovered by Gilligan and the Skipper with "a rutabaga-sized hole" and no starboard side. The castaways are able to salvage two crates with camera equipment and costumes in them.


  • Some of the costumes and props seen in later episodes possibly come from this crate.


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