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The Scorpio EX-1 was an experimental spacecraft that was sent up in space by NASA as part of a rendezvous with the Scorpio 6, manned by astronauts Ryan and Sol Tobias. During the project, Tobias was supposed to leave his capsule and enter the Scorpio EX-1 and pilot it back to Earth. However, after NASA lost contact with the craft after an electrical malfunction, the mission had to be scrubbed.
Unknown to NASA, the craft ended up on the island, and the Professor formulated a plan to use it to get into the shipping lanes and notify the Coast Guard for a rescue. However, when the search failed, NASA resolved to blow up the lost craft and set the sequence in motion. On the island, however, the Castaways were unaware of this news. After discovering the Scorpio EX-1 was too heavy to maneuver, the Skipper discovered The Howells and the girls stowed away in the craft. Unfortunately, once the craft was made light again, it drifted off into lagoon on it's own and exploded while the Professor was still reprimanding the others for their selfishness.


  • The Scorpio EX-1 was leftover from the 1967-1968 series "It's about Time." It was also used as the Cosmonaut's craft in Nyet, Nyet, Not Yet.


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