Sam the Parrot with the Skipper and Gilligan


Sam is a very old native of the island. Brought to the island by the Diamond Bandits in 1906, he picked up several words and phrases from the gang as they talked and lived in a nearby cave while hiding from the authorities. Among snippets of dialogue, Sam could imitate Artie and Lou's voices and also got agitated when he heard the words, "boat" and "jewelry." Several years later, Sam caused alarm among the castaways with the gangster's voices by convincing them that there were gangsters on the island. Gilligan became fond of Sam and made him a pet, but Mr. Howell tried to get Sam to lead him to the bandit's hidden loot, only to end up with a box of sixty year old crackers buried in a cave.


  • Sam's voices were provided by veteran actors Herb Vigran and Mel Blanc, who was best known as the voice of "Bugs Bunny."
  • Mel Blanc was also responsible for the voice of the Raven on "The Munsters."
  • Tropical parrots can live 50 to 60 years which means Sam was very young when he came to the island and very elderly by time the Castaways arrived.


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