Phono a

Season 2's Record Player


The Castaway's Record Player is a hand-cranked invention of the Professor to play the number of records inexplicably on the island, although it makes intermittent appearances with an equally inexplicable record player that appears to run off electricity (although no explanation is given as to how this is possible). It's entirely possible the records and accompanying record player are the property of the ever-prepared Howells. The island version is a decidedly more plausible hand-cranked player much like the pre-electric gramophones and Victrola players of the First Century. It's been used to highlight the Castaways parties for morale and Ginger's performances on the stage as well as the incidental music of their beauty contest. Ginger also uses it as background music to sing to Gilligan.

Phono b

Season 3's record player


  • Ship's wheel
  • Wood base
  • Palm fronds
  • Metal parts


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