Kinkaid ramoo

Ramoo (left) and Jonathan Kincaid (right)


Ramoo is the guide and manservant of sportsman and big game hunter, Jonathan Kincaid. They arrive on island looking for game to hunt, but upon realizing it was inhabited by Castaways for whom no one was looking for, Kincaid decided to try his hand on hunting a human being capable of eluding him. Ramoo stayed by Kincaid as he interviewed the Castaways, ultimately picking Gilligan, and then prepping and massaging him to be fit for the hunt. During the exercise, Ramoo took the other Castaways captives to keep them from interfering in the hunt, but Mrs. Howell soon releases herself from the cage. Either because he was distracted or reluctant to harm a woman, he let down his spear against her, which gave Skipper and Professor a chance to overpower him and tie him to his spear. Briefly dishonored, he helps Kincaid to track Gilligan to a clearing with a dead tree where he is secretly hiding, but the Skipper and Professor successful stall for time and save Gilligan's life in the allotted twenty-four hours.

His later whereabouts are unknown, although it may be assumed he stopped working for Kincaid after he was remanded to a sanitarium.


  • Ramoo was played by actor Harold Sakata from the James Bond movies.
  • Ramoo claims to Mrs. Howell that he doesn't have a mother, suggesting he was an orphan long before he started working for Kincaid.


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