The Professor's Lab is a primitive make-shift scientific experiment set created from materials on the island by the Professor to conduct experiments and create medicine for the Castaways (mostly Gilligan) or create substances that might speed up their rescue. Among the potions, serums and concoctions he created was a replicant of Mrs. Howell's perfume, phosphorescent dye, a knock-out drink, a food preservative, nitroglycerine to blow up the volcano, an antidote against the bite of the Mantis Khani, anti-vampire potion (possibly just the knock-out drops again), keptaburra berry extract and synthetic jet fuel for the XJP Jet Pack. His ingredients often involve calcium carbonate from clam shells, cellulose sulfide from mustard plants, ferric nitrate from papaya root, sodium nitrate, sulfuric acid from crystalized copper in the caves, glycerol from papaya seeds, potassium nitrate from the rocks in the lagoon and other ingredients from the wild plants and resorces on the island. It also pops up in casual scenes such as when the Skipper checks to see if the Professor was invited to the Howell's cotillion.

The Professor's lab is seen in all three seasons, primarily in the first two seasons and remaining largely unchanged throughout the series.



  • Gourds for beakers
  • Bamboo for pipes
  • Rope for lashing


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