The Professor's Bomb


The Professor's Bomb was an improvised explosive created from a clock from the Howells and the indigenous materials of the island to explode and relieve the pressure of volcano. Its creation is delayed by Gilligan getting distracted by Ginger considering tossing herself into the volcano and by the Skipper's mistaken belief that Gilligan drank the Professor's crude nitroglycerine. Once rushed into creation, it is then hastened to the volcano and tossed next to Gilligan and Ginger inside the volcano, requiring their rescue (and briefly the Skipper's) before it goes off.




  • Howell's clock
  • Gourd
  • Vine
  • sulfuric acid from crystallized copper in the caves
  • glycerol from papaya seeds
  • potassium nitrate from the rocks at the lagoon.


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