The Orangutan was one of several apes living on the island along with the gorilla and Gladys the Chimpanzee. Usually native to Southeast Asia, it is unrevealed as to how the Orangutan ended up on a South Pacific island. It makes its appearance known to the Castaways after Tongo the Ape Man arrives on the island, suggesting it was lured out of some part of the island by Tongo's arrival. Due to this interest, the orangutan abducts Tongo and carries him off, prompting the Skipper and Professor to rescue him by dressing Gilligan up as an ape in Mrs. Howell's furs. Although the rescue is a success, the distraction allows Tongo to leave the Castaways behind on the island, but it also leaves the orangutan with a new interest in Gilligan, visiting him in his hut.


  • The Orangutan was played by stuntman Janos Prohaska, who also played the various apes as well as the Black Morning Spider on the island.
  • In the episode, the Orangutan was actually referred to as a gorilla. Either the gorilla costume wasn't available or Janos was trying to show off the range of his ape costumes.


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