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During the time the castaways were on the island, they were responsible for creating several events or mysteries featured over the radio to the general public who were unaware that the passengers of the S.S. Minnow were still alive. Many of these mysteries were caused by their efforts to get rescued and included but were not limited to:

Mysteries Over the RadioEdit

Series ContradictionsEdit

Through the series, there were also numerous contradictions that resulted between episodes and plot lines that were never resolved or analyzed. These enigmas include:

  • the S.S. Minnow gets destroyed in Goodbye Island, yet several episodes mention it as if it still exists
  • the size and shape of the island varies between episodes
  • landmarks such as the mountains seen in some episodes are never shown in other episodes


Through the series, there are numerous instances where events happened that should have had some bearing on later events or consequences arose where they were previously resolved. These moments include:

The Professor's ScienceEdit

And then there is the question of the Professor's scientific merit (and Dr. Balingkoff's) in several episodes ranging in scale from simple mistakes to complete preposterous conclusions bordering on fantasy: 9. Quick Before It Sinks/Gilligan Gets Bugged/The Secret of Gilligan's Island (mistakes)
8. Bang! Bang! Bang! (oversight)
7. "V" For Vitamins/Allergy Time (lucky guess)
6. Operation: Steam Heat/Pass the Vegetables, Please (bad science at work)
5. The Pigeon/Diamonds Are an Ape's Best Friend (fake scientific facts in regard to the giant spider and the gorilla)
4. Mine Hero (partial comprehension of scientific fact)
3. The Friendly Physician/Ring Around Gilligan (complete manipulation of scientific fact)
2. Gilligan's Personal Magnetism (pseudo-science at work)
1. Meet the Meteor (complete incomprehension of scientific fact)

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