Mind control


The Balinkoff Mind-Transference Machine is the creation of Dr. Boris Balinkoff, an invention that allows him to transfer the brainwaves or "mind" from one being to another. Just how it works is unrevealed, but it seems to collect the mental patterns of one subject and converting it into a code to transfer into another subject whose own mind is then transferred simultaneously into the previous subject. However, it is unknown if this a genuine transference or merely an over-coding of data, like hypnotism. It is known that Balinkoff experimented with animals, such as a dog and a cat, to reverse their personalities before moving on to the Castaways. With the machine, he transposed the personalities of Gilligan and Mr. Howell, the Skipper and Mrs. Howell and the Professor with Mary Ann. However, under unresolved circumstances, Ginger was transposed with Igor, Balinkoff's manservant, and used his great strength to free the others. The Professor then used the machine to restore everyone's identities as the Skipper trapped Balinkoff and Igor in the machine. Gilligan then activated the machine and transposed Balinkoff and Igor with the dog and cat. Under unresolved circumstances, Balinkoff re-appeared normal sometime later, the effects of his machine possibly having worn off by then.


  • Glass Chambers
  • Ship's throttle (main switch)
  • Unknown


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