The main computer and remote mind controlling device


The ring that aids in the controlling of minds


The Balinkoff Mind Control Device is the creation of Dr. Boris Balinkoff, an invention that allows him to control and manipulate the higher brain functions of other individuals. While its exact workings are unknown, it is known that it sends its signals through a series of rings worn by the subject being manipulated and that the main unit is controlled by a smaller remote control Balinkoff wields from his boat. Furthermore, Balinkoff operates it in a cave without any discernible power supply, suggesting it runs on rechargeable batteries or some other power source. His main subject is originally Gilligan, who shares the ring he found with the Skipper and Ginger. Balinkoff sends further rings to Gilligan to pass among the Castaways, and with the device, he has the castaways rehearse a mock robbery of Fort Knox using coconuts posing as gold bars. However, when a stray coconut smashes the remote control, Balinkoff flees to keep from getting pelted by coconuts, abandoning the rings and his main unit in a cave on the island.


  • Unknown


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