The Island Telephone was a primitive communication device created by the Professor that Gilligan and Mary Ann used to contact civilization through the telephone cable that washed up on the island. Modeled after the modern telephone, the device had no precise dialing mechanism for contacting specific parties, instead resorting to picking out seemingly random phone numbers within the telephone network. Before this device, Gilligan and the Skipper could only listen into calls by routing calls through a speaker, briefly listening to Portuguese thieves planning to rob the Honolulu bank without being able to act. Through the telephone, Gilligan and Mary Ann could reach and communicate with a St. Louis Theater matron, an arguing couple named Larry and Sybil, an unidentified passionate couple and a San Diego Telephone Operator who asked for five cents before calling them kooks and hanging up. The telephone was possibly washed out to sea with the storm that dragged the cable back out to sea.


  • Rubber parts (rubber tree)
  • Conch shell (speaker)
  • Seashell (microphone)
  • Bamboo (telephone base & dial)
  • Parts from the radio


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