High G Centrifuges are aeronautic test chambers that simulate the G-Forces (Gravitational Forces) astronauts feel at time of shuttle take off. In an effort to determine which of the castaways will suffer the least dizziness or lightheadedness with the XJP Jet Pack, the Professor devises the Castaway's version of this centrifuge to test the mettle of the men on the island. Its basic function is to rapidly spin whomever is inside in circles. The Skipper, Professor and Mr. Howell all stumble from the device light-headed and in slow motion, but Gilligan steps out unaffected and asking if the ride is over. The Skipper's only explanation is that Gilligan is already so light-headed that he's used to it.


  • Bamboo Bicycle
  • Wooden platform
  • Bamboo and Wooden walls


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