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Girls Hut (exterior) - Year Three


The Girls' Hut is the island residence of Ginger and Mary Ann, and being the girls' hut, it is fortified for their privacy. For this reason, there is not much known about it. Gilligan runs through it once leaving a back door in his shape, his pet monkey blows it up with plastic explosives and King Kaliwani meets Gilligan disguised as a girl here. Mrs. Howell briefly moves in here after a fight with Mr. Howell.

Girls hut

The Girl's Hut Interior


The hut is identified by a heavy wood door and one window also covered by boards. The outside of the window has a flower box on it and the roof is held up by a bamboo pole up through the center which Gilligan hits his head on when Ginger tries to kill him. It's almost bare except for flowery curtains, a bamboo cabinet to the left of the entrance, a writing table, make-up table and two cots to the right of the door with other unspecified pieces.


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