Mr. Howell with a roulette wheel from the Minnow's wheel


Gambling is a sport based on the wagering of money, something of material value or activities on an event or outcome with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods. Gambling takes on several forms such as an immediate outcome, such as a single roll of dice or a spin of a roulette wheel, or wagering on the probability of likely events within specific or nonspecific periods of time. Each form involves three elements: consideration, chance and prize. Considered illegal due to its criminal connections, the concept is exceptionally old; depictions of gambling have been found in ancient Hindu frescos. It is possibly the most popular form of sport on the island, especially where Mr. Howell is concerned.

  • Mr. Howell bets Gilligan can't make a putt for 25c which escalates into a three million dollar bet
  • Mr. Howell bets the Skipper over a game of pool that escalates into twelve million dollars
  • Mr. Howell and the Skipper bet several objects, duties and Gilligan over turtle races
  • Mr. Howell and the Skipper bet each ownership of a treasure chest over a game of poker which the Professor prevents
  • Gilligan bets the Skipper two weeks of fresh water on one of Ginger's predictions
  • Gilligan bets Mr. Howell two weeks of wood on one of Ginger's predictions
  • Mr. Howell bets 300,012 pails of freshwater the Dodgers beat the Mets
  • The Skipper bets Mr. Howell 960 mangoes on an undisclosed bet.


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