1edward gallagher

Edward Gallaher is an American radio personality well known in Washington D. C. A native, he actually started his career in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1934 and returned to Washington in 1946, replacing Arthur Godfrey on WTOP's popular "Sundial" show. His baritone voice became legendary for the station. Each morning following the show, Gallaher taped the "Moondial" show for nightly broadcasts. Between golf tournaments, he also wrote a Sunday record review column in this newspaper. He teamed with play-by-play man Jim Gibbons, providing color commentary for Redskin games on Channel 9 until 1964.
After WTOP went all-news in 1969, Gallaher moved to WASH-FM 97.1, moving to WWDC in 1973. where he stayed until retiring in December 2000. He passed away in 2003. Never having married, he was survived by his girlfriend, Fran Sisk, who he had been with since the mid-1950s.


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