The Carr Brothers Land Office is a fictional business in Gilligan's dream about Emily the Duck set in the Wild West. In the dream, Gilligan is a Marshall protecting Emily from his fellow Castaways wanting to eat her. The Skipper is his inept deputy, Mr. Howell and the Professor are outlaws, Mrs. Howell is a local distributor of duck sauce, Ginger is a saloon hall girl and Mary Ann is a local concerned citizen. While the Professor and Mr. Howell are coming up the street from the blacksmith to meet Gilligan, they pass the Carr Brothers Land Office. Gilligan passes it once from his end of the street and stands in front of it further up the street to face down the outlaws, but these odd appearances can be largely attributed to the surrealism of the dream.


  • The Carr Brothers Land Office is actually part of the exterior set for "Gunsmoke," the series largely responsible for the cancellation of "Gilligan's Island."
  • Mr. Howell also has a dream situated on the "Gunsmoke" set in The Sweepstakes, but the Carr Brothers Land Office doesn't make another appearance.


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