BobD'Arcy(May2017) AmericanActor 350x500 Gilligan'sIsland

There is not much known about Bob Darcy. Born around 1928, he worked in the jazz industry before joining the military for World War II. After the war, he worked with Walt Disney before working on television. Besides "Gilligan's Island," he starred in two episodes of "Dusty's Trail" and two episodes of "The Good Guys," both of which starred Bob Denver. He has worked on several programs in his career, possibly in an uncredited capacity, such as "Bonanza." (The IMDB erroneously lists him as also having starred in the French films, "Cinq Tulipes Rouges" in 1949, "L'homme du Picardie" in 1968 and "Le passe-muraille" in 1977.) He has an autobiography coming out that should be released in 2017.


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