Belfry hall


Belfry Hall is a fictional castle-like mansion in Gilligan's dream where he becomes a vampire. Located in 1895 Transylvania, it's a four to five story edifice with towers, garret windows and a pitched roof. The interior is old, drafty and cobwebby with secret passages and squeaky doors. Gilligan and Ginger have the master bedroom which has a fireplace and an shallow arched closet Gilligan confuses as an alcove. In the dream, Gilligan is vampire dressed in Dracula-type attire with a cape. Ginger is his pale-faced bride in a white funeral dress and Mary Ann is the ugly old lady who works as their maid and housekeeper. When the Howells arrive looking for lodging for the night, Ginger puts them up for the night in the master bedroom just ahead of the detectives, Inspector Sherlock and Colonel Watney, who arrive from England to investigate the vampire-like attacks. They're busy studying the front foyer area when the Howells are attacked; they rush up to the master bedroom to pummel Gilligan into defeat.


  • Belfry Hall is actually a redressed version of Dr. Boris Balinkoff's castle in The Friendly Physician; his dungeon in the same episode is reused as Cinderella's castle in Lovee's Secret Admirer.
  • Contrary to horror movies, Transylvania isn't a country; it's a former Austrian province now encompassing the modern country of Romania. Previously, it was known as the former Roman province of Dacia.
  • Inspector Sherlock and Colonel Watney are parodies of the characters of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.


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